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That sums it all up

Posted by on September 19, 2012 | One comment

For the average Gooner, that is not a rabid anti-Arsène or blind Arsène knows best about everything, ever, in the entire world, the last two games have pretty much summed up our more recent Arsenal following experience. Was I the only one who wasn’t sure a four goal lead was enough when Southampton scored? Did the shine ever so slightly go off what was a pretty comprehensive win because Sir Ches blundered? Last night were you worried that a one goal lead wasn’t enough and wondered why we hadn’t scored more?

See the thing is that because of the incredible inconsistency Arsenal have shown over more recent years, we have got to the point where we don’t have a clue what to expect. We don’t know whether to be glad that we’re not skirting the relegation zone as we once did if your memory is long enough, or realizing this is how it feels to actually lose a game as in immediately post-invincibles.

I have some hope that this will change with the current team. OK it’s early days but last season we would have most likely drawn or even lost the Montpelier game. We probably would have struggled against the Saints. But we didn’t. Call me deluded if you will, but I see green shoots. It’s not the first time I’ve said it and probably won’t be the last, but with no giant shadow of a ‘world-class’ player looming over the other players, we see them coming out of their shells. Take Gervais Lombe Yao Kouass, aka Gervinho as an example. He no longer exists to serve RVP and has scored three goals already this year. The new guys didn’t experience playing in the shadow of someone else and therefore play without any thought of a handbrake. It can only be good.

Additionally we are getting the sort of forward movement now that we saw during the last great Arsène team. Defenders don’t know where our attacking players are likely to move and therefore are more on the back-foot. And as for our incisive and quick movement ending in a goal rather than farting around for ten minutes in front of the opposition penalty area, well it made me nearly weep like seeing an old friend you thought was long gone. Remember how it used to be that the worst thing the opposition could do was win a corner? Our defence clears it and a few seconds later it’s in the back of their net.

Yes I know I have the rose-tinted’s well and truly in place, but it’s been a while. Next Sunday will be much more of a test, but we were unlucky to leave Middle Eastlands without a point last season. Maybe we can do better this one. It will certainly test our newly found defensive effectiveness.

As for our Frenchy goal-machine, well I don’t think Giroud was ever going to be that. One goal and with the monkey off his back I think he’ll contribute very nicely indeed thankyou very much. Might help if people didn’t get on him just because he tried something a little outrageous which didn’t quite come off. Seem to remember another French attacker who tried a few outrageous things, they didn’t all come off, but he became a legend none the less. Carzorla and Podolski have already put down their first down payment on legendary status. Plenty more effort required to get there right enough, but a pretty good start.

Finally I have to say something about the wonderful, cheeky, whatever chip that Montpelier bloke did. He was considered unlucky because Mannone was ‘well beaten’. Pur-lease. The reason he was well beaten was because it wasn’t actually going in the goal. Look at the attempt from the side and it’s obvious Mannone would have tipped it had it been any lower and therefore in danger of going into the net. I don’t just say that because it’s Arsenal. I say that because I hate the way cliché’s are trotted out without reference to any known brain function. OK rant over, carry on.

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