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Squillaci’s scary eyes and four top goalies

Posted by on August 27, 2010

Not quite sure why, but it took some time to get pictures of Sebastien Squillaci

Comments (4)

  • i have personally missed having the likes of keown and adams at the back. hopefully squillaci will exhibit the same sort of passion as our former hard men.

  • Couldn’t agree more, some steel at the back has been sorely missed until TV was signed, now Squillaci, and maybe Kos has some of the same.

  • what a stupid article, you obivously have little expirience yet even worse little knoweldge….. are you a new arsenal fan??????? all you want is for us to beat the spuds???? u stupid brovah????? we’re gonna win something this year… lil ambition having neek blogster

  • @gooner22

    Does your name relate to your age or I.Q? You obviously haven’t read my old blog and therefore don’t know how long I have been supporting Arsenal, so I’ll cut you some slack sonny. The comment about the spuds was something called irony which means it was not meant seriously. Following so far? The reason it was ironic was that they have been spouting off about how they are going to do better than us in the League and Champions League. I don’t expect them to do either. Does that explain it to you? Sorry if it’s all a bit hard to understand.