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Same old Arsenal always, well, Arsenal

Posted by on September 27, 2010

We hear that apart from a smallish game against a smallish club this last week, it’s been quite a profitable time for the club recently. Then came last Saturday. Hmm.

Our property ‘division’ is now debt free and is making wonga on every sale made from here on in. This from a club called the Bank of England during its history. Seems like a healthy state of affairs.

We mashed the Spuds in their own backyard even after our goalie and the officials colluded to take the game into extra time. Seems like a good result.

Then we come to Saturday. Oh dear.

It would be easy to say it’s the worst I’ve ever seen an Arsenal team play, but regrettably that’s not strictly true. There were games in the mid-Seventies you’d have to had post traumatic stress counselling after, if real men were allowed to show what was then considered weakness. For an idea of what was acceptable think

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