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Cesc – reading between the lines is pointless

Posted by on August 6, 2010

So finally our captain has said something, and although to my mind it stops short of being all I had hoped for,

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  • while I agree with most of what you say one problem not between the lines is the captaincy, The contrast between the statement of cesc and those of RVP and Tommy V highlights a divide that now exists. Honesty accepted the Arsenal captain has said that he is here because arsenal say he must be here and that is not good. Cesc is no different to anyone else you cannot lead effectively when all the team know you want to be somewhere else, in my view that is a recipe for disaster.

  • Trouble with removing the captaincy is that it would have a very bad demotivating effect on Cesc. We need him to be at the top of his game, and he won’t be if he is relieved of the captaincy. I agree that RvP and TV have made much more captain-esque pronouncements, but if we want Cesc to stay and give his all he has to still be captain. I actually think he will still motivate players and be committed to the cause. We like to think that Arsenal players have Arsenal DNA (where have I heard that idea before?) but equally they are professional sportsmen and want to win. I think this will be all the motivation Cesc needs.

  • It’s not cesc primarily I’m concerned about, It’s that area that you mention motivation of players, when we have the seasonal wobble (since Birmingham/eduardo) something we’ve come to expect. At that time they will be asked to give more by a captain that wants out, players aside you then have the fans, I watched and listened on members day his every move and gesture was under the microscope, increase that 7000 to matchday 60.000 things aren’t going well and Cesc the captain thats only there because we wouldn’t let him go, makes a mistake!! I’m sure you get my drift. The statement though honest is badly worded and makes his position untenable.

  • I can’t argue with your points, they make good sense. You could say however that we are between a rock and a hard place. For this season at least we need Cesc to be as motivated as possible to do what he does best because we don’t yet have anyone to replace him. If he doesn’t lead by example and the team recognise that then we are stuffed anyway, so removing the captaincy would effect Cesc, but I also think a demoralised Cesc would have too great an effect on the whole team. In other words keeping him captain may be the best of two not so great options. Maybe he will prove us all wrong and play such a blinder all season that we’ll put all this on hold as he inspires the team to glory. We’ll you gotta have a dream…. As for the negativity and nit-picking, Gooners seem to be pretty good at that anyway unfortunately, but yes if we don’t have some kind of stratospheric season, they’ll be out of the woodwork PDQ. To sum up, he’s going to have to have the season of his life to get through this without constant criticism. That may just be to our advantage. TBH I’m even more concerned about the goalkeeper situation right now.

  • Same Same, can’t argue yours. Regarding GK ditto CB surely Wengers not going to try and go with what we’ve got, especially with our injury record.

  • From what I read recently it looks horribly like he is going with what we have. Trouble is if there are no top goalkeepers available/affordable there’s not much he can do. That’s scary.