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Stop, Look and Listen

Posted by on July 30, 2010 | Comments Off on Stop, Look and Listen

Dear Fellow Gooners, can I make a simple and straight forward plea? Don’t believe all you read on the Internet. And don’t jump to conclusions once you have read something.

Yesterdays ‘conversation’ with Cesc, widely copied and assumed to be him ‘finally breaking his silence’ as I saw reported on one site, turns out to be absolutely nothing of the sort.

When I read it yesterday I have to confess to a slight feeling of unease that our captain should speak in such an uncharacteristic way. It seemed to suggest that we might not get the best out of him this coming season. However since I didn’t see the original article and don’t speak Spanish anyway, I figured I’d wait until this morning and see what the fount of all things Arsenal and Spanish, Arseblogger had to say. All I can say is read Friday flooterings.

So we’ve now got through Pre-Season Part One without a number one and without letting a goal in, despite our best efforts at times. Is this the plan for the new season, no goalie is better than those we have? Cunning, but doesn’t fill me with enormous confidence.

I’m liking our new signings despite the glass-drained brigade. Chamakh tracks back and plays for the team, radical. Let’s try and keep the hands by the side in the penalty area though? If he manages to keep up his work rate at Prem level, I think he may end up with a lot of assists as well as a few goals.

Kos (because I can’t be bothered to copy & paste) does look a little light physically, but I recall a tackle he put in in one game that was very impressive indeed. Yes I know, one tackle doth not a complete defender make, but let’s give the boy a chance to succeed before we write him off as just a bargain basement buy.

Other than that, we just have to wait and see what happens over the weekend as we joust for the first trophy of the season. I’m expecting Jack to make an impact, I’m hoping it’s not with the sort of challenges he seems to have a liking for since his time with the Bolt-ons. I’m pretty much resigned to the likelihood that if Jack gets game time, he will pick up a fair number of cards. Actually that’s not necessarily a bad thing since bite has been lacking in our game, just hope the timing doesn’t cost us.

We’ve had a number of players comment on the fact we have no excuses, we’ve got to achieve this season. To me there are two measuring sticks, the Chavs and the mancs. If we can compete on a level with them, then we will have moved forward. I think they will still be the teams to beat, although Al Citeh and the Spuds may well be in the mix as well. At the moment I’m not overly confident of that, but with another useful (ie not unknown and untested) central defender and a goalie who can scare the crap out of attackers, or at least catch the ball at first attempt,

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