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Tired of the moaning

Posted by on September 1, 2010

I realise I’m going to have to duck down under the parapet after this one, but hey ho, has to be said.

A (brief) trawl around the Internet today suggests that Gooners are either the biggest moaners in the Premier League or possibly the most spoilt. Either way the level of whingeing about Arsen

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  • BOTH, the biggest moaners and spoilt. Add another-BLIND!

  • Fully agree with RedAndDread!

  • Finally some sanity amongst the avalanche of posts from the suicide brigade. These mugs actually believe if we went out and spetn

  • Your a fucking mug mate, you argue that ‘What he doesn

  • Interesting and well written article, but I’m afraid I have to disagree.
    Amidst all the chat and speculation that has been going on over the last couple of weeks, one thing is clear..
    Nearly every Arsenal supporter believes that neither Almunia or Fabianski are up to the job and should have been replaced.
    Consequently it is also true that they believe Wenger has made a mistake in not buying a new goalkeeper…
    These are as close to ‘facts’ as you are ever going to get in a subjective argument about the pros and cons of various players..
    I will never boo any arsenal playert that wears the shirt, but it has to be said that Wenger has totally dropped the ball on this one, and all the accusations of ‘fake gooners’ and ‘whinging gooners’ won’t make any difference. The man has cost an excellent arsenal team a shot at the title…
    Is it unreasonable to want the team to win things again? Is it disloyal to question the management who seem unable to spend the millions of pounds we give them on what the club really needs?
    Wenger has become biggger than the club.

  • Henry – total b0ll0cks. The reason Fulham didn’t sell is because it would have left them with no fit keepers. Nothing to do with money but then that would have spoiled your skewed rant.

  • if he cant buy a decent goalkeeper when we desperately need one, why is he in the job????????Why did he sign the contract extension when he cant negotiate and has no influence to bring in players…….Its not like Man City were competing for Mark Schawzer????? All we wanted was a decent goaalkeeper to stabilise and give our defence confidence.
    Beating blackburn is not an achievment and should not be celebrated as if we have won the EPL.remember last year we beat Stoke city and Bolton and were congratulating the team and saying we can macth these kind of teams bla bla and then we went on to lose at Blackburn, Wigan and throw away more points at Brimingham.
    All we want is a squad to compete and not to be told “we are inexperienced” ” we had injuries” at the end of every season. I can understand teh frustation of everyone who is moaning. We cant go on liek this forever

  • Simon – that is true. But why were we hanging on until the last minute? Getting a keeper should have been the first piece of business this summer. Wenger clearly wanted a new one – so all this ‘get behind almunia’ stuff is undermined by Wenger himself. If he’d offered 4 mil at the start of the transfer window or even a couple of weeks ago he would would have got him. He gambled trying to save a couple of million and it backfired big time. I’m afraid that is very bad management whichever way you look at it…

  • The Club is bigger than Wenger’s vanity project, which is what we have become. We won trophies before he came and we will win again once he leaves. We have played good football before him, and will not suddenly start hoofing the ball if he leaves. It is true that to buy a player, the other club needs to want to sell, yet fantastic keepers like Eduardo (of Portugal) and Amelia (from Italy) did move. Any keeper we get does not need to be world class, just better than Almunia, which is not asking much.

    And this whole ‘If you disagree with the manager then you are deluded scum’ needs to stop, its ridiculous and makes you look like a child. I firmly believe that Wenger should be moved upstairs, perhaps as a director of football, as his judgement as a manager has been fatally impaired. He is simply too close to his players now to admit that some of them are simply no longer good enough to play for the Arsenal, or at least an Arsenal that wants to win things, as we used to half a decade ago.

  • Let’s not judge Arsene based on this. He has proven time and again that he know’s best and I am willing to go with him.
    The results will show if he is right not signing a new keeper everyone, including him, wanted so let’s get behind the team.

  • Simon your nearly a bigger mug than the guy who wrote the article, if you bothered to do your research you would see we had a bid turned down in may, but wenger being stingy as usual decided it wasnt worth spending the MASSIVE TWO MILLION more to get a decent keeper, the fact that Schawzer recently became injured is irrelevant, oh and one other thing- why do some arsenal fans continual to defend Wenger and his twisted transfer policy despite the lack of trophies, do you enjoy knowing deep down at the beginning of every season that we are very unlikely to win anything, do you like being laughed at by your spurs mates, cos i for one do not!

  • Total drivel. A) Who said supporters want a world class goalie? A competent goalie is all we want. B) You seriously suggesting there are no better goalies in world football than Almunia and Fabianski? Wenger should have had a list of 200 and started working on it months ago – this should all have been done and dusted but yet again the stupid git has fucked it all up by being a stubborn, short-sighted tight arse. The moron dropped Almunia about 4 times last season and made up stories about the pillock having chest infections and all sorts of crap. It’s obvious he has no faith in him, but what does he do about it? Nothing! This is piss poor management of the highest order and anyone that sticks up from him on this one is barking mad and only doing it because they refuse to admit they are wrong about Wenger and have been wrong.

  • Simon your nearly a bigger mug than the guy who wrote the article, if you bothered to do your research you would see we had a bid turned down in may, but wenger being stingy as usual decided it wasnt worth spending the MASSIVE TWO MILLION more to get a decent keeper, the fact that Schawzer recently became injured is irrelevant, oh and one other thing- why do some arsenal fans continual to defend Wenger and his twisted transfer policy despite the lack of trophies, do you enjoy knowing deep down at the beginning of every season that we are very unlikely to win anything, do you like being laughed at by your spurs mates, because i certainly dont..

  • Wenger bidding for Swartzer proved he did not have absolute faith in the 4 keepers he has. We don’t need 5.
    That is what is disappointing so many Arsenal fans. The reason we haven’t got a new no.1 is not because Wenger didn’t think we needed one but because we couldn’t find one cheap enough! Money neeeded to be invested in that area, the Swartzer bid proved that. Once it got down to the last days of the window, the Swartzer deal was dead because Fulham lost Stockdale to injury.
    Playing bluff with Fulham over a million or so ended up being a monumental cockup and for once I think Arsenal fans have a right to moan!

  • AMEN to this, AFC will be just fine this season, so many moaners out there it’s ridiculous!

  • There were loads of decent keepers out there to bring in, Wenger just didn’t pull his finger out. All of this ‘We now have the money to buy the players that we need.’ was either bollocks or he didn’t feel that we needed a keeper.

  • I just wish all these moaning twats will find another club to support. We are the Arsenal and we are 100% behind our team. There is no need to go and buy some big name every season – our lads are good enough. For fcsk sake, please stop your crying and bitching or just go and support Mancity, they will keep you happy with new signings all the time.

  • My god, people like Gary make me sick with their vomitous drivel. I know that getting angry at idiots on the internet is no good for my heart, but my god. Does being a supporter mean that you have to agree with the boss 100% all the time? If we got Allardyce as a manager and started hoofing the ball would I also be a moaning twat for being angry at that? If we signed Marlon King and Joey Barton would I have to chant their names at the stadium just because they would have been our players? My god, get some perspective people! The club is bigger than one man, even Arsene, who has done a massive amount for the club.

  • Finally! Sick of all the negativity since last night! So what we never signed Schwarzer, how about we get behind the keeper we do have!! hopefully further backs up your ideas! give it a check, cheers!

  • Wow, so much anger, anyone would think we supported different teams or something. I’d appreciate if the name-calling could be limited, it adds nothing to the debate to get personal.

    ‘Smatter of a fact I don’t think all Arsenal supporters want a ‘world class’ keeper, but there are a lot of them out there who were demanding that.

    I would really appreciate it if someone could point me towards an authoritative source for the all Arsenal had to do was pay four million for Schwartzer story. The only figures I heard directly quoted seem to come from Fulham. Not really an entirely believable source and four mill for a goalie in their late thirties?

    So far as any other goalies out there were concerned, there were certainly none with Prem experience who could come in right away, and rather than taking the easy option and saying there must have been others (why must there have been others?), some names would be nice.

    And finally no, I don’t think it was all about money, but you may have noticed that money talks in football. If the player in question does not have the right DNA then money is the only thing that will make the deal.

  • Gary if you think arsenal fans who would like a decent signing or two to keep us in contention need 2 go support man city, then maybe you should go and support west ham if your happy to sit back and watch your team win nothing every year…

  • Mark feck off. It

  • The AKB are mainly those who forever support from their armchairs & afar whilst investing not a penny. No one has asked for a ‘Citeh’ style spending spree but simply to strengthen positions where internally the answer is not there. The 2 Keeper clowns have cost Arsenal points & potential silverware too often & a Keeper should have been brought in well before yesterday. At the very least a Keeper should have been installed prior to the Emirates Cup to enable an early chance to strike up understanding with the defence & settle into the surroundings. As soon as Hughes became Fulham manager Arsenal should have abandoned pursuit of Schwarzer as it was obvious Hughes would not co-operate. I would rather we had stayed at Highbury if we had to put up this constant frugality. At the very least all incoming transfer fees received should be invested in incoming players.
    Wenger cannot justify such frugality & himself take a 20% pay rise.
    The club are rewarding him for financial reasons not football reasons.
    Even the best Keepers make a mistake like as someone earlier mentioned Reina did BUT they are rareities & not numerous & himself & others do not look like constant accidents waiting to happen like our 2 clowns do, particularly Fabianski.
    It does Fabregas a huge disservice to get him to stay & then not ensure we are as secure as possible behind him.
    In this instance I’m afraid to say that stubborness does not come into it, Wenger has plainly been negligent not to have a decent experienced Keeper this window.

  • Check out our history and remind us all when we have spent exessively to gain short term success

  • People, Enof with the whining. whats done is done. Moaning about it will not change whats been done.
    Why not just support the team since there’s nothing anyone can do about it now.. Or you thinking the persistent moaning will change the current situation.
    You’ve had nearly a day to moan, justifiably or not. Why not stop now and lets get on with the supporting…

  • Support meets supporting your team all the way. There are a vocal number of supports who quite happily use these sites to make a load of noise , mostly negative. However when it come to match day and they get the opportunity to play a part and make a load of noise to gee up the team they are silent. Our home crowd should be the 12th man but how often / well do we perform . We are shit !!!We need to realise that while we cannot influence who we buy we can influence the level of noise in the ground. We can support the team more rather than waiting to be entertained. All our home matches should have us singing before , during and after the match. Those who blame the cooperate section look around you .
    For this season please the CLOCK END / NORTH BANK , BE THE LEADER OFF THE PITCH .
    If we belive and pull together we can be champions !!!!!!

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