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Something’s gotta give/writing for Goonerville

Posted by on November 8, 2010

Seldom in the field of Gooner football has so little been achieved by those with so much to the dismay of so many. OK, so long as we limit ourselves to the Wenger years, truly it was sooo much worse before.

I digress. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that we have a team with as greater talent as a whole than any other team. But we still lose to recently promoted teams at home. Doesn’t compute. Is it down to Ars

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  • I fear that Wengers dedication to the path of patience is the cause of the problem. By saying that we must be patient..we showed good patience blah blah blah..etc etc etc he is really saying that its only a matter of time before we score/win. What he fails to realise is that football is not like waiting for a bus. An Arsenal win is not scheduled, it has to be sought and earned.

    In rewarding the players for patience he is in fact rewarding them for not trying.

    In the past alot of the criticism has focused on the players we have or dont have. I dont see this as being the issue at the moment. Sure, in the big games against Chelsea etc I feel we still need a world class player who can create himself a goal and turn a tight match, but in 90% of the games we play, we have the players there who can win.

    It’s a major approach/attitude problem at the moment. We are treating football like some kind of gymnastics floor event, where we will be awarded the points for pulling off a few sweet looking moves and generally looking quite nice.

    We need to refocus on beating the oppostion and winning.

  • Very well put indeed. Particularly like the comparison with gymnastics!!

  • Why isnt anyone addressing the elephant in the room ??? Are we so feeble as a fanbase that we cant tell ourselfes that the current Arsenal team as it exist today simply isnt up to it no matter how we slice or dice.That Wenger is hopelessly lost when it comes to tactics and clearly cant motivate the players anymore that his use of Bravado and spin is a simple tactic to prolong his stay as an Arsenal manager and that his enormous arrogance and stubbornness is killing Arsenals chances of winning and competing with Manure and Chavski.

  • Well that’s certainly one view point. Couldn’t say I entirely disagree in that it seems clear from results that we either don’t have the heart or don’t have the personnel mix or something to consistently match the other top teams.

    As far as tactics are concerned, as I said, I don’t think we have any tactics other than play our way. If that doesn’t work we are stuck. That’s the philosophy, it’s not arrogance, it’s belief. But at the risk of repeating myself, and seeing as how it doesn’t carry us through every eventuality, something has to give. I’m just not sure what yet.

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