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It’s November Jim, but not as we know it

Posted by on November 15, 2010 | 6 comments

Apart from having a birthday in the month, as a Gooner I’m not inclined to be overly excited when November comes around. So far as I know the statistics don’t bear it out, but November doesn’t seem to be a month where everything always works out.

And to be honest it had started to look like a pretty dire month, at least until the last two games. Not the beautiful game in anything other than small doses, but two beautiful results none the less. It might be a tad early to start suggesting that the current team is becoming more like a traditional Arsenal team and being just a teensy bit malicious at times. But it has to be said we’ve looked a little more spikey as of late. Though the current Spuds-you-like journo’s salivating over ‘Arry’s latest folly are focusing on the old ‘red card Arsene’ thing, I reckon we can deal with a little adverse publicity. It’s not like it’s anything new.

What of course is new is a goalie that stops stuff, like shots, and headers. Fabianski is obviously worthy of a special commeration DVD now. Oh hang on, it’s not us that does that sort of thing….

The only worry really is that ref’s with insufficient courage and little imagination may start flourishing red with gay abandon as they see things that aren’t there because their expectation is that we foul a lot. Fortunately this didn’t happen on Sunday. Quite why Cesc got booked for being trod on is a little beyond me, I rather liked his rejoinder when asked if he was glad it wasn’t a red.

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