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A bit disappointing

Posted by on August 22, 2012 | One comment

So it’s a new season, a new start and a fairly new team, so what’s so disappointing? The fact we looked a lot like the old team of several seasons now, not seeming able to break down a whole car park full of buses, lorries, tractors, combine harvesters… oh you get the point. No not really. Every season you start with the hope this will be The One. The season where we kick on and show the also rans that we can play as well against them as the big boys. And yes I am conveniently forgetting last seasons thumping at Old Tractor just to make a point. Hmm, combine harvesters, tractors, bit of a rural theme emerging, I blame the Olympic opening ceremony…

Where was I. Oh yes, hope. It afflicts us all from time to time, mostly around the end of August but with the new signings being proper

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