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That was nice

Posted by on August 23, 2010 | Comments Off on That was nice

I love it when something comes together like it did Saturday afternoon. Proper stand names, clock on the Clock End, Arsenal spanking the opposition and smiles all ’round. Perfick.

And what’s more for once all Gooners get to agree on something. Namely that MotD need to get a pundit who doesn’t just talk in cliches and has something sensible to contribute. If you saw the whole game you will know that Hansen, for it is he, picked the few times Theo messed up and majored on them. To my mind a little honesty is required, if he doesn’t like Theo he should say so, because sniping at him ain’t going to help the boy one bit. Time to retire the old git methinks.

I suppose much like the vast majority of Gooners, I couldn’t be more delighted for Theo, not just because he got the hat-trick, but because of the way he did it. I know I’m getting ahead of myself and all, but certainly the last two goals reminded me of another #14 of fond memory. I particularly liked the way that the attackers moved around and swapped positions, it’s something that we should do against all opponents, not just the supposedly ‘weaker’ teams.

At this point I have to mention Chamakh. No wonder Ars

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